Sunday, October 21, 2007

Norman Petty Recording Studios

Norman Petty Recording Studios Sign
Five photographs from this website were used (with permission) in a documentary. For more information see: Norman Petty Documentary featuring Buddy Holly

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Anonymous said...

The Norman Petty Studio is a legendary iconic Rock and Roll recording studio. Coming from the Rock Hall capitol - Cleveland, Ohio, I had an esteemed privilege to have a private tour last January in 2006 by Ken Broad, the museum curator.

Being a musician, and having played numerous rock songs and especially Buddy Holly tunes, the tour was too surreal and astounding. I would label it as a Rock and Roll religious experience.There were so many bands that were enamored to Buddy Holly and the Crickets and it had a profound catapulting affect on many bands such as the Beatles. Do you detect a similarity there? Crickets and the Beatles? Paul McCartney is a believer and has donated to the museum. If you miss this studio you've missed Rock and Roll's other "Mecca".

Yes, there is Sun Studios and Motown and many others. But some how this one has been overlooked, glazed over, and left only to the real connesiours of historic rock meccas. Perhaps, because it is off the tumble weed beaten path in Clovis, New Mexico (on the central eastern edge of New Mexico). Nice town by-the-way.

In all actuality, and reality, this site should be registered as a national historic landmark, so that it can be funded and maintained. When I came back to Cleveland I mentioned to many of my musician friends and acquaintances about the fabulous experience I had there. I want to thank Ken Broad, the curator, again for taking the time out to give a fine and most memorable tour. Among my favorite Buddy Holly tunes is "Rave On". I am adding that tune to my band's repertoire.

I can't stop "Raving On" about the Norm Petty Studios!

The Blues and Rock Man and Fan from Cleveland, Ohio

Marty P.